Die-cut and kiss-cut stickers: how to choose the right sticker for your product?

Stickers are an excellent way of expressing yourself. The most common choices to make are the ones between die-cut and kiss-cut stickers. The purpose of both stickers is the same; to be used as a tool to promote business.

Both stickers have custom-shaped options. However, there is little difference between both. You can choose any one of them to get any design.

Let’s have a look to check and discuss the actual difference between them. 

What are Die-cut Stickers? 

Die Cut Sticker

If we talk about die-cut, they have custom shapes. In the die-cutting, all around the edges of stickers both, the vinyl and paper backing layer is cut collectively. These stickers look great with their precise cut.

Adequate laser-cutting makes these stickers an impressive and eye-capturing look. A die-cut sticker is popular for its precise cut to every possible angle.

The die-cut sticker is ideal when you need the exact cut to your demand. The advanced quality laser cut technique makes a die-cut sticker ideal for premium quality. 

A die-cut sticker is perfect when you are looking for a detailed shape or size for your product promotion. Besides, accurate shape, custom die-cut stickers ensure quality and maintain class for your sticker. For product advertisements, die-cuts are ideal, as you can customize any shape.

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What is a Kiss-cut Sticker?

Kiss Cut Sticker

A kiss-cut sticker is cut through the vinyl-printed layer only. The paper backing stays intact to give more safety to the artwork until peeled. This backing provides protection and you only peel the vinyl sticker from the backing.

Typically, these stickers have a square backing.  The designed vinyl part of the sticker can be easily peeled off at the time of use.

You can choose the custom size, shape, and design of the sticker with extra backing around the sticker. You can add extra style to your design by printing on the vinyl around a kiss-cut sticker. 

Kiss-cut stickers are no doubt popular for their delicate designs. The artwork which demands more safety needs kiss-cuts with extra backing. They provide the necessary protection for delicate designs to keep the curves integral.

Kiss-cut sticker vs die-cut; How to choose the best?

Both these stickers are available in custom shapes and sizes. Options are unlimited in both categories. Both possess premium vinyl and CYMK color printing to give quality. 

Kiss-cut stickers are best if you are keen on having a complicated design for your product. These stickers offer protection through the extended paper backing.  

Die-cut on the other hand allows you to get the precise cut you want for your product. This type of sticker provides accuracy in any kind of artwork for your product display.

Choosing the right category for your product is the real deal. You need to analyze the pros and cons of both. Hence, after a detailed study of the features of each, you can choose your desired sticker.

No matter which you choose, die-cut vinyl stickers or kiss cut, we promise quality and success.

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