Holographic Car Stickers


Custom holographic car stickers and decorations are made of premium adhesive vinyl that glows and reflects direct light. These Holographic car stickers can be applied to any smooth, flat, and curvy surface and produce a fantastic rainbow shimmer when light touches them.

  2" x 2"
  3" x 3"
  4" x 4"
  5" x 5"
  Custom Size
  Custom Quantity

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Decorate Your Car With Confidence With Our Holographic Stickers

Good news for all the car-savvy people, we now offer the best quality holographic car stickers for your vehicle to stand out among other cars. Not only that, but these stickers are scratch-proof and weatherproof. The sleek and aesthetic appearance of the custom holographic car stickers will enhance the look of your vehicle so much that you will thank us. We offer holographic car stickers at a very reasonable rate with excellent quality. On top of that, the Custom Stickers Factory offers customized holographic anime car stickers, vinyl car stickers, and transparent car stickers. All these stickers will make your car stand out while increasing the value of the vehicle. The reflective designs and patterns on these holographic car stickers are one of a kind which is a very effective marketing strategy.

Love from our clients for holographic car stickers

Krystal Redman
My Holo sticker of cool for cats came out amazing. I absolutely love the thickness of these stickers, and they do not peel.
The holographic imaging is awesome, good colors that make the image pop.
Emily Deb
I love my holographic stickers. The quality is excellent
Eric Lough
I was skeptical that my design would look good on the holographic, but they turned out amazing.
Brett Chancey
They are fast, comply with changes and always deliver the best product. Love my Holographic stickers!
Camille Julia
The holographic stickers are just beyond. no words. amazing. thank you!
Jane Martin
Love the Holo colors of my designs after printing, Amazing work!
Ben White
I couldn’t be happier with these holographic stickers. I can’t wait to get them out into the world!
Neil Aery
Quality is top notch! Amazing proofing and customer service.